Sunday, October 21, 2007


1) As Emma wondered, do you think it’s possible for pop culture to embrace a rebellious female musician that isn’t either eye candy or a publicity stunt?


Anonymous said...

Hi - it's Carla as usual adding my own two cents. Haha!

You previously asked the question about Ladyfest and other women-only music events being empowering or limiting. Here's my thought on that. I think that ideally these events should be INCUBATORS - places where women can express ideas freely and plant the seed of creating change. Where I think there is a problem is when those events are the ONLY alternatives.

Beth Ditto played at the ROCKRGRL Conference in 2000 -- one of The Gossip's first gigs - and it's taken seven years, but now she's being lauded as the Next Big Thing by producer Rick Ruben in the NY Times.

So I think women-safe shows and listservs and groups and magazines like ROCKRGRL are essential but should not be the ONLY option. They are a starting place. :)

Anonymous said...

no. not right now at least. those few powerful men that control this country got gender on lock.