Tuesday, October 30, 2007


1) What do you think about the tradition of a woman changing her name when she gets married? How does it relate to feminism?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


1) What do you think of the concept of ecofeminism? Do you see the enviroment and nature as inextricable from women's issues?


1) How important is the idea of “women-only” spaces when pertaining to the trans community? Where do you draw the line?
2) Do you think violence is an issue that could inspire young women to participate in a new women’s movement?

Friday, October 26, 2007


1) How does pornography fit into the goals of feminism? Is porn inherently degrading for women? What do you think of the concept of “feminist porn”?
2) Is taking a leadership role in a profitable industry a feminist move regardless of whether you may or may not agree with the ideals of pornography? How much does economic power have to do with combatting sexism?
3)If a woman wants to be dominated in bed, does this have anything to do with her feminism? To what extent should fantasies extend to your political and social beliefs?

Thursday, October 25, 2007


1) What feminist issues do you think are particular to rural women?


1) Should feminism's success be measured in women's careers, and must you have a career if you are educated?
2) How do you reconcile wanting to preserve classic theater while still realizing that most female characters in such plays are flat and powerless?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


1) Do you think Sprina is right, that conflicts between white women and women of color are diminishing, and that an alliance between all racial groups is possible?
2) As Sprina said, many young women don’t directly experience professional discrimination early on. Young women are in fact making more money than men in some cities. Do you think this is one of the reasons that young women don’t relate to feminism?


1) Do feminist magazines have a special responsibility to counter degrading material of popular women's magazines? Is their a way to be an empowering publication for women that doesn't have a "feminist" centered agenda?, or are the missions by default intertwined?
2) What do you think of the idea of reclaiming words like "bitch" and activities like stripping? Does one really "choose their choice?" Is that feminist?

Monday, October 22, 2007


1) Do you think sororities, despite their reputation, have the ability to empower women and create a climate of sisterhood? Can a sorority be a feminist space?
2) Feminist artists have often used their own body as a site of discourse and meaning. Why do you think self-portraits are so important to women-made art?

Sunday, October 21, 2007


1) Watch Gina’s butch-femme video and answer Question 1:
Because many butch lesbians are transitioning into becoming transmen, Team Gina tells us in the video that it’s important to preserve the “hotness” of the butch aesthetic. Is something lost as this community transforms their gender identities?
2) Is it more productive to engage in identity politics or, as Banji feels, to be a “pyramidist?”


1) As Emma wondered, do you think it’s possible for pop culture to embrace a rebellious female musician that isn’t either eye candy or a publicity stunt?
2) Carla told us that she thinks we need to create a new word for feminism. Do you agree or disagree?

Friday, October 19, 2007


1) Do you think the self-discovery side of feminism is stifled by pressures on educated young women, like Shelby, to immediately start a career?
2) Why is the feminist history of Wyoming forgotten by many of its residents?
3) To what extent is using your sex appeal degrading? empowering? Is it feminist to use sex for power?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


1) Crystal said that the future of feminism should include getting rid of the expectation of the “superwoman”—accepting that women don’t HAVE to do everything. Do you agree with this?
2) As a feminist, do you have a responsibility to organize locally or get involved with your community, particularly a community in dire need of help?

Saturday, October 13, 2007


1) What is the relationship between feminism and industrialization? What kind of feminism is bred in an industrial city like Detroit?
2) Sarah told me that feminism needs to be based both in community organizing and personal happiness. Which do you think is most important?
3) Do you think that feminism has drifted away from a collective conversation and more toward pursuance of personal goals?

Friday, October 12, 2007


1) Isis and Violeta talked about having to choose between identifying first as a woman or first as an African-American (and that choosing whether to support the misogynist hip hop community is a prime example). Discuss
2) Is there a difference between women’s organizations and feminist organizations? Should there be a distinction?
3) In order to be a feminist, do you have to be doing something about it, like Ale believes? Or is living out the concepts of power and equality enough?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


3) What do you think is the future of women in theater/comedy? Why is it that there are few straight women comedians that don’t rely on their sex appeal?
2) Is being "one of the guys"? empowering or frustrating? Or both?
3) Why is women comedian sometimes unattractive to men? Is being funny in opposition to being sexy?


1) Maria Garcia’s organization “GirlBad” was named as a post-“riot grrl” incarnation, and riffs off the popular myth that girl rock musicans are “bad girls.” Tounge in cheek as it is, is this cliché a limiting stereotype, or a cause celebre?
2) Do women in rock need their own showcases and venues to advance? Is creating a “safe space,” such as Ladyfest does, productive in raising women’s visibility in music, or does it only suceed in creating a sense of sisterhood and bonding for the band’s involved? Which is more important or is there a conflict?
3) Is religion automatically in conflict with feminism, and how? Or why not?
4) How does one reconcile cultural traditions with modern feminism?

Monday, October 8, 2007


1) As a woman of color who has accomplished a lot, should one feel the responsibility of representing a type of feminism? Shoule one feel like they should have to "speak" for other women of color?
2) Both Kemi and Elianne interpreted feminism’s home in academia. Is feminism an academic thing, and does one need to know the vocabulary to be a feminist?
3) Ours is one of the first generations that has been raised with the idea that we can “do it all”—have a career, babies, and a life partner at the same time. Both Kemi and Elianne agree that, feminist or not, this goal is kinda unrealistic. Do you agree, and are you not a feminist if you choose not to work?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We'll go where the road takes us. 
If you invite us, we'll try and be there!!! 
(if gas prices stop rising, that is)

October 8-10: Twin Cities
October 12-14: Detroit and Flint
October 15-17: Wyoming/Idaho/Montana--en route to Seattle
October 18: Yellowstone
October 19: arrive in Seattle
October 20: Seattle day, Portland night
October 21: Portland
October 22: Portland day, San Francisco night
October 23-25: San Francisco
October 25: night Santa Cruz
October 26-28: Los Angeles
October 29-30: San Diego (stopping in Claremont the 29th early afternoon)
October 31: Las Vegas
November 1: Grand Canyon
November 2-4: Tuscon/Phoenix
November 4-5: Santa Fe/Galeisto
November 6-7: drive through Colorado
November 8-9: Kansas City
November 9-10: Saint Louis
November 10: Tulsa
November 11-14: Austin
November 14-16: New Orleans/Baton Rouge (spending the night in Mobile, AL on the 16th)
November 17: Memphis
November 18-19: Nashville
November 20: Raleigh
November 21-December 10: New York City (Thanksgiving)!
December 10-January 5: Recuperation time: Nona in her New York home & Emma in her Chicago home

January-June: Chicago home-base (Thanks for moving Nona!). 
Weekend trips to Madison, Milwaukee, Gary, NYC. 
March 16: Nona speaks at the Left Forum in NYC
March 31: Emma speaks at A.I.R. feminist art conference in NYC
June 20-July 4: NYC
June 27-29: Philly
June 29-July 1: DC
July 2-August 12: Chicago; Weekend trips tentatively to south Michigan, Omaha, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Bloomington, and other choice spots of the greater Midwest. 
August 13-31: MASSachusets, here we come: Camp Kinderland (13, 14), Northampton (15), Providence (16), Boston (17-18), Provincetown and Cape Cod (19-31)
August 31-Sept 30: Chicago
Sept 30-October 15: California: San Fran, Berkeley, Santa Cruz...