Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2) As Sprina said, many young women don’t directly experience professional discrimination early on. Young women are in fact making more money than men in some cities. Do you think this is one of the reasons that young women don’t relate to feminism?

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Jaymi said...

Potentially, yes. But also the lack of experience in identifying discrimination can play a role. We don't want to waste our energy on analyzing whether every comment, every job rejection, every glance by our male coworkers is sexist. But We do need to be aware. As women work their way up the career ladder, that discrimination becomes more blatant because they are entering more deeply held male territory. That is probably why younger women sometimes don't feel they experience sexism. But after I was turned down for a job specifically because I had on my resume that I was a Women's Studies Minor, and the prominent Central Coast winery to which I was applying actually said "We don't want one of those. She'll be working with guys" - I'm very aware that discrimination towards empowered younger women does indeed exist