Saturday, October 13, 2007

2) Sarah told me that feminism needs to be based both in community organizing and personal happiness. Which do you think is most important?

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Violeta Antonette said...

i think if it's embedded in the community, personal happniess will automatically follow. Not without a struggle first though. For feminism and women's equality to be a salient component to the community, that would require social change. Society (gender conflict for example) may become out of wack in certain contexts, but society would eventually have to adjust. Something like when you pull on elastic and before it falls back into place, vibrates a little. It would be the same with the society. The initial snap represents social change, the vibration/wombling of the elastic would be the chaos (sociologically speaking), and when the elastic finally is still and in place--it might've been stretched out a little, but it's settled. It being settled I feel would be the personal happiness/acceptance people would feel with having feminism be a salient part of society. Hope all that makes sense