Sunday, October 14, 2007

2) As a feminist, do you have a responsibility to organize locally or get involved with your community, particularly a community in dire need of help?


Mehiko said...

Members of communities have a responsibility to get involved, period. I think that by asking questions that apply generally by starting with "as a feminist..." you elicit a somewhat pre-determined answer (aka Cosmo quiz.) Also, the question serves to distinguish feminism as a wholly separate political and social identifier. I think this sort of theoretical schism is what can create discomfort in many younger women with the word "feminist". For me, feminism is a part of a greater political whole. It drives certain ideologies and values certainly, but it is equally tempered by other aspects of liberalism, democracy and capitalism. I mean, i understand that's its important to be able to identify which values are derived from which ideologies, but i also feel that women would benefit from understansing feminism as an aspect of socio-political identity rather than as a complete and distinctive identity. I like where this question is going, but i think that it could be phrased differently.

Amy said...

I must agree with mehiko in many ways as I do think all members of communities have a responsibility to get involved; however, when it comes to organizations such as local rape crisis organizations, shelters for battered women and children, organizations that work to keep our reproductive freedoms intact, etc., I notice it is often only the feminists who get involved. Personally, I think that as women we should do what we can to help other women. Of course, I think all humans should do what they can to help other humans, but I notice that so many times organizations whose work seems to most affect women are left behind.