Tuesday, October 9, 2007

3) Is religion automatically in conflict with feminism, and how? Or why not?

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Anonymous said...

Speaking from a Catholic-raised perspective there is a deep male bias in teachings, and a more subtle one in behavior. Aside from the Birthsin myth that pins all sin on the first woman (who was ripped out of a man)God is taught to be male, when genderless makes more sence with the concept of a diety. Also, the religion seperates the sexes in thier service to the church by designating nuns little power (less than altar boys) in the action. The prominant females in the bible essentially defines the earliest stereotypes - they`re all virgins or whores. So while spirituality ideally increases the competance to match feeling with action, the hierarchy and practices and passages of Catholicism seriously hinder females, LGBT and essentially anyone different. Although recent events and progression in religions and communities are a "good omen," it`s easy for members of the congregation to continue to judge them while waiting for the right time to rehab thier wicked ways. I believe that persuing a relationship to whatever one belives in should be the ultimate level ground, but not enough community members encourage it by following dogma created when women were to be subserviant.