Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We'll go where the road takes us. 
If you invite us, we'll try and be there!!! 
(if gas prices stop rising, that is)

October 8-10: Twin Cities
October 12-14: Detroit and Flint
October 15-17: Wyoming/Idaho/Montana--en route to Seattle
October 18: Yellowstone
October 19: arrive in Seattle
October 20: Seattle day, Portland night
October 21: Portland
October 22: Portland day, San Francisco night
October 23-25: San Francisco
October 25: night Santa Cruz
October 26-28: Los Angeles
October 29-30: San Diego (stopping in Claremont the 29th early afternoon)
October 31: Las Vegas
November 1: Grand Canyon
November 2-4: Tuscon/Phoenix
November 4-5: Santa Fe/Galeisto
November 6-7: drive through Colorado
November 8-9: Kansas City
November 9-10: Saint Louis
November 10: Tulsa
November 11-14: Austin
November 14-16: New Orleans/Baton Rouge (spending the night in Mobile, AL on the 16th)
November 17: Memphis
November 18-19: Nashville
November 20: Raleigh
November 21-December 10: New York City (Thanksgiving)!
December 10-January 5: Recuperation time: Nona in her New York home & Emma in her Chicago home

January-June: Chicago home-base (Thanks for moving Nona!). 
Weekend trips to Madison, Milwaukee, Gary, NYC. 
March 16: Nona speaks at the Left Forum in NYC
March 31: Emma speaks at A.I.R. feminist art conference in NYC
June 20-July 4: NYC
June 27-29: Philly
June 29-July 1: DC
July 2-August 12: Chicago; Weekend trips tentatively to south Michigan, Omaha, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Bloomington, and other choice spots of the greater Midwest. 
August 13-31: MASSachusets, here we come: Camp Kinderland (13, 14), Northampton (15), Providence (16), Boston (17-18), Provincetown and Cape Cod (19-31)
August 31-Sept 30: Chicago
Sept 30-October 15: California: San Fran, Berkeley, Santa Cruz...


Jamie said...

Y'all should come to Mobile, Alabama (just a little bit down from NOLA). We've got a pretty diverse group of feminists here.. and could probably put y'all up for a night or three.

If you're interested, you can contact me at: jeshistory@gmail.com

Good luck & safe driving in your travels!

Feminists for Progress
Mobile, Alabama

Unknown said...

Please come to Wichita, KS!!! I've just re-launched a Feminist Student Group on campus and there's a diverse, activist, progressive movement here! We call ourselves "New Wave Feminists!" We would LOOOOVE to show you around and talk feminism all night! Pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top? Lol!

Unknown said...

I second Jamie's comment. Nobody comes to Mississippi or Alabama because they think we're stupid hicks, but really, those of us in these areas who are feminists/progressives need to be heard. And we do have universities you can visit, where people will be happy to talk to you. I attend the University of Southern Mississippi, which has a thriving feminist community.

Even if you don't, good luck with your project!

GIRLdrive said...

Jamie and Julie--

We would love to come to Mobile while we are in the New Orleans area. Let us know, give us an email at nona200@gmail.com!

Anonymous said...

If you can swing through Ithaca, NY at any point, the Cornell Women's Resource Center would LOVE to talk with you. You can contact me at lbw26 AT cornell DOT edu

CWRC Director

Anonymous said...

Come to Pittsburgh!

Polly said...

Come to England!

Anonymous said...

Meet me for lunch on your way from Santa Cruz to LA - I'm right off the freeway, literally 1/2 way between the two!!

I'd love to interview you for Girlistic.com!

info AT Girlistic.com

Unknown said...

Sacred Ritual with Z Budapest; Goddess Artwork by Shaktima
October 28, 2007, noon to 1 p.m.
The Magdalene Cultural Arts Center
$20 or sliding scale

Please join us in celebration of our first year anniversary
by attending a Sacred Ritual workshop with ZSuzanna Budapest,
founder of the Women’s Spirituality Movement,
and immersing yourself in inspiring Goddess paintings by Shaktima

Jayne DeMente
818 760-0531
Magdalene Cultural Arts Center
4822 Vineland Ave (at Lankershim)
North Hollywood, California 91601

Anonymous said...

Great project - just read about you on salon.com's broadsheet. I hope you're planning on talking to some women who are mothers as well! I think there's lots of juicy territory to mine in the concept of women (feminists or not) reproducing, particularly as 3rd wavers are having babies now...

There's also a whole series of communities of mothers that you might not even know about if you're not a mom - mothers clubs are hugely important to many, and bring up a lot of feminist issues (the 'choice' to work or stay home etc). Plus I think moms tackle issues of gender daily, those of us raising feminist boys and girls, the pink vs blue divide, princesses vs trucks etc.

Anyway, I'd be happy to talk more if you want, or introduce you to some SF Bay Area mother's groups... jennifer at caleshu dot com

good luck!

Ouisghian Zodahs said...

I love what you guys are doing. I only have one problem: why aren't y'all going to stop in Dallas or Fort Worth on the way from Tulsa to Austin?! I'm a student journalist at the University of North Texas, I would love to interview you guys. e-mail me at bookrdr123@yahoo.com

GIRLdrive said...

Hey Ouisghian! we would love to stop in other places in Texas but unfortunately we don't have the time or money right now to do everything. sucks. hopefully next time around! but we can still do an interview...


Anonymous said...

This project sounds amazing. I live near Baltimore, so if you need anything when you're in the D.C. area, let me know. If you're looking for more people, we have a good number at our college that are involved in Women's Issues Group and Vagina Monologues and would LOVE to talk.

Best of luck!


lindsay said...

This is a beautiful project you've got going. I'd love to see you in Austin, TX, though somehow I think you've probably got enough stuff to do and enough women to meet while you're here :o) Best of luck!

catherine elizabeth said...

hardly any midwest dates?

Jaclyn said...

What an awesome project! When you're in Boston, please come check us out at the Center for New Words (www.centerfornewwords.org). I'm 36 and most of our small staff/interns are younger than me.

Also, any chance you'll come back East in the spring? We host an amazing National Conference called Women, Action & the Media (WAM!), and Andi Zeisler, Carla DeSantis and some of the other awesome women you're interviewing will be there, and it would be great to have you there, too. www.wam2008.org

GIRLdrive said...

catherine elizabeth--
don't worry! we have plenty of the midwest coming up. we went to minneapolis, detroit, and flint, and plan to go to kansas city, st. louis, and madison. plus, we are based out of chicago and plan to interview ladies over there when we get back.

Stephanie said...

Awesome thing you are doing.

I don't know if you have all your interviews scheduled for Austin, Tx yet, but I run an all plus sized burlesque troop which has brought up some interesting new thoughts for me on feminism and how women are viewed.

If i can help in anyway, please feel free to contact me at blue (dot) val (at) gmail.com

Jen said...

If you find yourself near the Columbus, Ohio area, feel free to stop by my place! I'm not connected to any particular feminist orgs, I'm just a young feminist working mom with my own two-year-old feminist-in-training :) We've love to put you up for a night if you need it. Best of luck with your project!


Anonymous said...

Please consider stopping for a day in baton rouge between austin and new orleans.


GIRLdrive said...

Mary: We may be coming to Wichita on our way to Kansas City from Colorado! Let me know if you are still down to show us around...

Jen: we would love to talk to you, perhaps on Nona's way back to Chicago from NYC in January!


md said...

This project is so exciting! Thanks for doing it!

The Mad Scientist said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I love this project; I think that feminism as a movement is trying to re-define itself, and a huge part of that is trying to figure out where we stand. Plus, road trip. Never a bad thing.

Would you two consider coming to the Penn Women's Center at the University of Pennsylvania when you're in Philadelphia? I'm just a freshman, and not really in a position to issue an invitation at the moment, but if you're interested, I could ask the director about setting something up.

Thanks and Good Luck,

Contact: mbevi at sas dot upenn dot edu

Charlie said...

I haven't read everything y'all put up, but this looks great. Reminds me in part of Killing the Buddha - either of you two read it? Two authors chasing God across America. Feminism and women's rights are even better, far as subjects to chase go. Beats the shit out of God - I can at least believe in what you two are looking for, in my way.

My girlfriend's started a group at Emory looking into gender disparity, working towards equal pay, better childcare setups, more acceptance that people in academia can actually, you know, have significant others and families. I sent her a link to this, think she'll love what you're doing. Sorry to see the South's off the agenda - there's decent people out here, but unfortunately not enough of us to swing politics a better direction.

Consider opening up a project in the future to submissions? You'd retain editorial review, but this could be a hell of a web 2.0 compilation/remix. It's hard for two people to criss-cross America. It's easy for everyone to do it. We're already here.

Anonymous said...

If you're passing through Houston on your way from Austin to New Orleans, stop off for food, refreshments, and more interviews. I'd love to meet you, and I know a number of women who'd think likewise.

You can reach me at lrevans21@yahoo.com

best wishes for your trip,
Houston, TX

Anonymous said...

just heard about you through girlistic! i am in love with what yr doing. i wish that you could make at stop in omaha, nebraska, but i understand yr budget won't allow. maybe next time around?


Anonymous said...

I was listening to this woman, Katha Pollitt, on the radio the other day. She was talking about her new book, "Learning to Drive". Her daughter goes to Wesleyan. They both might be good NYC women to talk to...incase you didn't have enough.

Barb K. said...

You TOTALLY need (must) speak with my friend Susan. She is a WEALTH of info and can tell you what it was like back in the day when the (modern ) movement was just getting started in the Washington, DC area. She was there and in the midst of it...and she can give you the true lesbian perspective. Email me and let's get you together w/her for a chat!

Barb K. said...

PS: ltlblkbook@gmail.com

and let's get you chatting with Susan! : )

Anonymous said...

Come to Montreal! Okay, it's not in the US but it's really near Boston and it rocks. And there is special things going on about feminism.. differents cultures has differents ways to take on changes..

anyway, come to Montreal it's the place to be;)

GIRLdrive said...

i want to go to montreal! we'll try? got any fundraising ideas haha....


Anonymous said...

I was sad to miss you ladies in Kansas City. Craig and I had discussed your project before you came and I was very excited to speak with you. Craig never called me back! I would love to meet with you if you return to the area!

GIRLdrive said...

Lara--Craig sucks! Why didn't he put us in touch? Well, anyway, I am actually going to come to Kansas City the first weekend in Feb maybe to do an art show? So let's hook up then, never to late for an interview...

--emma bee

Anonymous said...

Hola NONA DEAR !!!!! Voy a escribirte en español, pues Englisht is not my favorite language, i´m sorry! Qué lindo tu viaje ... me encantó tu blog y todo lo que tu escribes ... deseo tener tu book apenas lo tengas listo ok?? Una sugeréncia: venga estudiar un poco del femenismo en Brasil, un país "emergente" ... creo que tendrás muchas sorpresas!! Un beso grande y te echo de menos!! Luciana.

Anonymous said...

I just found out about your awesome project through Gina! I met her when we played at Estrojam 2006!! I'm a singer/songwriter and grad student in creative writing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It looks like you already came down to the south, but if you come down here again, please let me know! I also have feminist contacts in Columbus, OH (because I'm from there) with the people who run Ladyfest Ohio and they have contacts with Drag Kings, Burlesque, all sorts of other stuff there. I will be in NYC late Jan/Early Feb, and then I'm moving there in the summer. I will also be on tour during the summer-- (don't know if you're interested in travelling with a feminist musician for a bit?) Anyway, I'd LOVE to talk to you! You can contact me at: alyson@alysongreenfield.com.
Can't wait to see more from you ladies!

Queen T said...

peace ladies! i like your drive :)
i am in the DC-Metro area and would love to link up with you when you get here.

-- queen t

Anonymous said...

i go to camp k and you were really cool there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good words.

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