Friday, December 21, 2007


1) How important is the separation of church and state to the concept of feminism? Is it possible to fit in a feminist agenda in the midst of a Christian state?

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Susannah said...

I think this question takes for granted that feminism and Christianity aren't compatible- it's not about whether feminism is compatible with a Christian state, but whether it is compatible with Christianity itself. That's a whole different discussion... Is being pro-choice necessary to feminism, or being pro-life necessary to Christianity? Those tend to be very personal questions about self-identification and our individual definitions of our faith and the word "feminist."

I think the abortion issue is about more than the separation between church and state anyway. There is a blurry line between religious beliefs that shouldn't be law and moral beliefs that most people are comfortable legislating. Laws against gay marriage, for example, don't seem to have any justification that doesn't blur the separation between church and state. However, there are plenty of things that are illegal because "we" simply think they are "wrong." I don't think its necessary to be religious to be pro-life. If you think abortion is murder for whatever reason, then it makes sense to think it should be illegal...